Electronic cigarette: a separate case

The electronic cigarette is a recent device which claims to enable smokers to enjoy the pleasures of smoking whilst minimising the risks.

What is the impact on health?

To this day, the health impacts of electronic cigarettes in the short, medium and long-term are unclear. The limitations are confirmed by the fact that the vast majority of electronic cigarette smokers who experiment with these devices stop using them after a short period of time or use them as a supplement to traditional cigarettes. It is important to remember that most specialists acknowledge the fact that electronic cigarettes (of which very little is known due to a lack of history), should not be offered to the most ‘vulnerable’ smokers, namely young people and pregnant women. Tobacco treatment specialists and experts generally remain divided regarding the benefits of their use over time. The truth is that today, electronic cigarettes should only be offered in special cases.

What does electronic smoking entail?

Smoking electronically means inhaling a liquid composed of various heated, chemical substances, the impacts of which cannot today be measured objectively over time. Whilst it is true that the lack of combustion remains a major advantage, in the short term in any case, their long-term use keeps smokers rooted in their addiction, at the source of their fixation. We have often seen that this dependence risks forcing smokers to return to traditional smoking methods, sooner or later.

And what about the impacts of five, ten, or even twenty years of continuous inhalation of an aerosol derived from heated products? In addition, nothing would be more damaging in terms of public health than young people choosing traditional smoking methods via the use of electronic cigarettes; or for nostalgic reasons, the return to traditional smoking methods of those people who had managed to quit smoking, often with substantial effort; and even non-smokers being driven towards ‘fashionable’ smoking which could result in the use of factory made cigarettes. These risks are not proven, but cannot be ruled out.

The strategy offered by Smoking-Stopper® is very different as it allows smokers who wish to quit smoking to achieve their goal gradually, by regulating their intake at their own pace, progressively conquering all physical, behavioural and emotional addictions. This will not be easy, but Smoking-Stopper® also acts as a transitional object which enables smokers to overcome their emotional addiction, the origin of which remains ‘blurred’, and is the result of a strong attachment to cigarettes. Therefore, this device can also supplement support that has been validated for many years, in the form of nicotine replacement products that help overcome physical addiction and cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT) which combat psychological addiction.