Your tobacco expert on the phone

Smoking-Stopper propose Tabacoach, its tobacco hotline. A tobacco expert will deliver your smoker balance after your analysis week (delivery included in Smoking-Stopper price on our website). If you also wish, you could get a support throughout your weaning path (delivery not included in your Smoking-Stopper price).

Service only available in France

How does it work?

During you order on Smoking-stopper website, you’ll have to specify that you wish to get your smoker balance delivery with necessary advices in order to give most chances of success in you weaning. You will have to select the following option: ‘’ Do you need your smoker balance remitted by a tobacco expert ‘’". A tobacco export will contact you by email and you could set a date for a phone call for you smoker balance delui=ivery and advices. Datehas to be setted for the day after your analysis week (a week after you start with your device) This is important to ensure you will be available for this phone call at the agreed time, otherwise, if you’re not available when professional calls, you would lose the meeting benefits and health professional advices. In that case, if for any reason you would not have been able to make an appointment and you wish to contact Tabacoach line, you can contact it via your Smoking-Stopper application menu, in "My space", and "Contact Health professional", then follow instructions.