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  • Support with healthcare professional

    Can I find any Chemist delivering Smoking-Stopper's method near home ?

    No, deployment for chemist network who deliver Smoking-Stopper's method is progressive and exist on ly in some countries. If you don't find any chemist close to your home, you can purchase on Smoking-stopper website  and we can deliver your case at home. You could if you wish, be supported by a tobacco expert from Tabacoach line (service only avalaible in France) 

    You also can refer to your own health professional or ask to Tobacoach contact information from a tobacco expert near to your home.

    2018-05-16 15:20:40
  • Smoking Stopper distribution worldwide ?

    Why, if I choose for a delivery within Smoking Stopper list, do I have to keep same email address for application registering and website during purchase?

    Your email address is the main link  between website and application, and this, according to webserver which manage you program. So, if you don't respect this rule, your won't function properly in case of Tobacco expert support requested via Tabacoach line. This service is only available in France.

    IN case of problem or mistake,(example: purchse for other people without knowing the right email address), you will have to the opportunity to restore situation sendong a mail to Tabacoach (« Menu » then « Contact Health. prof.» then selecting written email address:

    Be careful, this process must be absolutely done before analysis week (8 days period when device analyse your consumption)

    2018-05-16 15:33:03
  • Points techniques sur l'étui

    What are the Smoking-Stopper's method component ?

    - The connected case.

    - The  application for Android or IOS.

    - Therapeutics follow up which increases strongly your success (be careful, support by coach is not included in your device purchase price, but will be charged directly from your Health professional)

    - The internet interface allowing a follow-up an analysis from your health professional expert in tobacco addiction who will get back your smoker's balance analysis, also if you wish, therapeutics follow up during your weaning period. 

    2018-05-16 15:41:04
  • Why fight against addictions ?

    Is coach support integrated in price's method ?

    No, si you decided to be supported during your weaning, this cost and coach invoicing will be proposed directly from your health professional.

    2018-05-16 15:44:32