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Smoking-Stopper : Your strenghts to quit smoking

A connected cigarette case

Master and reduce

An application

Consult modify and optimize

Your statistics

Control and share with your Health professional

A coach

Fight against addictions linked to tobacco with your coach

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The method

How does it work ?

- Install your application

- Connect it to your device

- Let system analyse you during 8 days

- Validate alone or with your coach the daily number of cigarettes proposed by algorithm

- Follow your decrease slope until you reach your target

The benefits

- A better understanding of the smoker behavioral

- A consideration of 3 components of smoking adiction: physiological, behavioral et psycho-affective

- A personalized progressive approach depending on your needs

- A coaching step by step thanks to application algorythm and your coach

- Un complement to substitution nicotine treatment recommended un first intention1

1. HAS 2014: Best practice recommandations: tobacco consumption stop, from individual testing to preservation of abstinence as a first resort

The application and its case

- Algorythm build by tobacco expert team.

- 32 profiles to find your position.

- Define you targets and control your consumption.

- Evaluate your health benefits and your savings.

- Easy access to healthcare professionals and tobacco expert advices.

smoking stopper application and pack

- A case, real safe deposit box.

- Scheduled openings by the application.

- Possible emergency openings .

- An aluminium case declined in four colors.

- A several days autonomy without loading.battery.

An approach based on support

A more efficient fight against tobacco
linked addictions

Your Healthcare professional will recommend you on nicotine substitutes

Cigarette is a conditioned reflex by your acts or feelings.
Le coach follow-up will allow you a better understanding and break those associations

The case acting as a safe and the application which inform you, reassure and accompanie you

Because 97% of smokers who quit alone(*), back to cigarette

Smoking-Stopper is designed to get you closer to a healthcare professional

An initial balance with a professional trained in tobacco addiction approach

A support program adapted according to your smoker profile. A personal follow-up thanks to your on line statistics

* HAS 2014: Best practice recommandations: tobacco consumption stop, from individual testing to the preservation of abstinence in first resort



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Smoking Stopper was at CES in Las Vegas from 9th to 12th January in Eureka Park Hall G Booth 51248.


Smoking-Stopper was at Pharmagora Show from April 7th until 8th

Smoking-Stopper was at ''Rencontres de l'Officine'' from 10th untill 12th February 2018 Smoking-Stopper application is available for download right now on Google Play and Apple Store

Keep in mind of downloading it as soon as you get your case !

Participate to #survey #tabacetvous about our behaviour to quit smoking #tobacco #health @tabacetvous You are medical, chemist, or smoker, go to and select survey which belongs to you !

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Smoking-Stopper application is granted among 10 best applications to quit smoking:

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Smoking Stopper is announced in the Quotidien du médecin as a credible solution to quit smoking !

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